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Unsung Heroes of The Colobus Trust – Dr Alan

There are many people without whom our work would have never been possible, I hope one day to mention them all. One of these people is our vet Dr Alan. Dr Alan only recently moved to Diani, but has quickly built up a strong bond with all of us at the trust. Although we use several vets, dependant on the situation, Dr Alan has become our main source of call. Not only because he is an excellent wildlife vet, with a wealth of experience, but also because he has been kind enough to never charge us for his services. This gesture means a lot to us as currently we are being hit hard by a lack of volunteer bookings (which supply a large amount of our funding and workforce). We hope that by telling you of the wonderful work he does we can go somewhere towards paying him back. Dr Alan Together with Dr Alan we have treated many cases. Including a successful one on Tuesday this week where we rescued an old female Sykes Monkey who had been hit by a speeding car. On arrival it seemed like there was little hope, she was bleeding profusely out of her ears, mouth and nose, but she was breathing steadily, so we acted fast. After collecting her we rushed to pick up Dr Alan. Having had to abandon his shopping trip Dr Alan proceeded to analyse the monkey’s condition on the way back to our vet clinic. She had taken a nasty hit to the face, had lost a few teeth and was bruised all over. It was very clear however, that this monkey was a tough one! She had lost a hand and the cartilaginous part of one ear to an earlier incident that we assume to be an electrocution. However, after Dr Alan’s treatment and continued care from our staff she made a quick recovery and was eating and drinking by the end of the day. Now, three days later, she is well on the road to recovery (photo below). We hope that after a few more days’ observation she will be ready for release. We will keep you updated on her progress. The Sykes Monkey In It’s Cage So, we would like to take this opportunity to extend a massive thank you to Dr Alan. His kind nature, expertise and generosity are invaluable to us and we look forward to learning much from each other in the future.  Thank you Dr Alan, from all at The Colobus Trust!