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Colobus angolensis is now nationally threatened!

Dear Supporters,

In the last month, Kenya Wildlife Service has recognised Colobus angolensis, the type of Colobus monkey that lives here in Diani, as Nationally Threatened. As a whole this sub-species of Black and White Colobus is fairing comparatively well, thanks to large populations in remote forests of Tanzania, however, here in Kenya it is a different story.

Habitat loss is of course the number one issue threatening this forest dependent species. However, habitat loss is threatening most species of primates across the country. In response to this The Colobus Trust joined a consortium of people and organizations lead by KWS and the International Primate Research Institute in the development of the National Primate Strategy – focusing on those species requiring urgent conservation, such as the Colobus in Diani.

We hope that this updated status will enable The Colobus Trust to raise awareness of this amazing creature’s plight around the world.