My Life at the Colobus Trust By Peter Ndungu

I began working at the Trust in 2005 as a casual worker, and later in Jan 2006 I was employed as the driver. I expected my area of work to revolve around the transportation and mobility of the Trust but, alas, I was definitely wrong. I found myself getting involved in other daily tasks such as feeding the animals, Colobridge maintenance, logistics, maintaining of the Trust and environmental tasks outside the trust, including the colobus corridor. I have also represented the Trust at many fundraising events, including Diani Rules
In this role I have been able to appreciate our natural forest and its habitat in a way I have never done before. I remember on one occassion, we were on a desnaring project and we found a colobus monkey that has been caught in a snare, died and still remained a captive even after death until its body had decomposed and all that was left was a lifeless skeleton. This situation is cruelty of the highest degree. I sadly realised how much work that needed to be done. I became so passionate and realised that all along there was this person in me that had never been tapped, that this person enjoyed and loved the environment and that, that was where my heart lies. Ever since I have worked in this field of conservation diligently and whole-heartedly, because when you follow your heart it will alwways be right and true to you.
My weekly activities at the Trust involve working in both the trust compound as well as field work. In a normal week I report to work on a Monday by 8am, check my weekly schedule and embark on the work plan. My week entails tree trimming activities, maintenance of the Trust structure, colobridging, animal welfare, eco-tours, de-snaring activites, logistics, purchasing of items for the Trust, running errands such as dropping off notices to Diani residents, and vehicle maintainance. I have been involved in tree planting activities at different sites including the Kayas, school grounds and private/residential properties.
In the Trust I have experienced ups and downs like any organisation. One of my lower points was during the post elections when the trust experienced major financial setbacks and almost came to closure, however we worked hard to make ends meet and overcome the difficulties.
My major disappointment at the Trust is the rate of deforestation that is taking place in Diani Beach. Other disappointments include poachers who are poaching and killing helpless animals. I am not only concerned for the animals at the Trust, but also those animals not covered by the Trusts work, for example, in the area where I live the kids and adults have nicknamed me ‘Colobus’, because they know I don’t entertain activities involving hurting animals llike throwing stones, strictly prohibited.
I am inspired by people who work fearlessly to conserve the environment and who donate generously to keep the Trust running smoothly.

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Peter in the Colobus Trust truck

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  1. Jimmy
    Posted April 1, 2011 at 11:29 am | Permalink

    You sound like a real hero of conservation and I wish you well in the future:)

  2. Pirjo
    Posted April 4, 2011 at 4:09 am | Permalink

    Peter, I’ve been to Kenya twice and it’s been heartwarming to meet so many people who truly love Kenya’s unique nature and it’s amazing variety of species. As an environmentalist myself I know how hard it is to defend nature, but it helps a lot to know that there are other people who are as passionate about conservation.

    It’s good to know that Colobus Trust has a person like you working for them.

  3. Cara
    Posted April 6, 2011 at 3:57 am | Permalink

    Peter, you’re an absolute star! You and the other staff work so hard at the Trust so please keep it up!

  4. Luciana
    Posted April 9, 2011 at 6:17 am | Permalink

    Peter, I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work you are doing.

  5. Alicia Martin
    Posted April 27, 2011 at 12:46 am | Permalink

    When we worked together 2 years ago, putting in colobridges, looking for snares, and painting signs, you may have laughed with me at my Mzungu efforts, but like you, CT has changed my life too. And you and all the CT staff are a big part of the reason why.
    Congrats and kudus,
    Alicia Martin

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