A view of the Colobridge

A Colobridge:

This is a simple ladder-like structure invented by the Colobus Trust which is put across the road to enable monkeys to cross safely between the forest on either side. As the number one monkey-killer in Diani, road traffic accidents continue to rob us of our population of monkeys.

You can just see John at the top of the picture ready to attach a bridge!

You can just see John at the top of the picture ready to attach a bridge!

In 1999 when I joined the Colobus Trust, I took a keen interest in wanting to know the significance of the Colobridges. My main focus was to see the factors considered before one was put up in an area. Territorial boundaries and crossing points formed the basis of my research and a Colobridge would be put up in areas where monkeys crossed more often. Diani has sixty eight families of Colobus monkeys; the Colobridges erected so far are only serving twenty two families. Helping more families of monkeys cross the road safely is ever challenging. More monkeys are still vulnerable to road accidents because there no Colobridges within their crossing points. The remaining families are still kept vulnerable to being killed on the road.

John braving the heights of the Colobridge

John braving the heights of the Colobridge

Galvanized wires, conduit pipes, rubber hose pipes, chain links, d-shackles, wire grips and turn buckles are what it takes to build a Colobridge. It takes passion to contribute towards building a Colobridge and it takes a great effort to help save the life of a monkey. To conserve heritage is expensive but it is almost impossible to regain it once lost.

John-Animal Welfare Officer and Field Assistant, Colobus Trust.

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2 comments on “A view of the Colobridge

  1. luciana on said:

    Good blog John, well done, keep it up. Sadly we need more Colobridges as daily we see more deforestation and the monkeys especially the Colobus are desperately looking for patches of forest.

  2. Brenton H on said:

    John, what is the exact cost of building a Colobridge?

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