Adopt a Colobus

This week has seen the launch of the new Adopt a Colobus programme here at the Colobus Trust. This is an important programme, aimed to provide vital support for the conservation of the Angolan colobus monkey.


Cheo is looking out from his good-view tree spot


Here at the Trust, we are lucky to have a troop of colobus that frequent the Trust garden, choosing it as their territory. Staff and volunteers alike spend hours observing the movements and habits of this engaging family. The so named Luciana Troop is made up of 7 colobus, each with their own visual characteristics and personal traits. Cheo, a beautifully majestic colobus, is the dominant male and it is his job to look out for and protect his family. There are two adult females, Chunga and Cheka. Chunga is the dominant of the two, therefore also the troop leader. She has two children, Cheza the subordinate male of the group, and Chipua, one of the two juveniles. The other female is Cheka, mother to the sub-adult female Chuma, and the youngest member Chip.


 Chipua rests in a tree after playtime


It is fascinating to watch the family dynamics of this troop as they move through the Colobus Trust compound. True to colobus form, they spend most of their time eating, preferring the brightly coloured flowers of the flamboyant tree, as well as other choice buds and leaves. Much time is also devoted to play, however, and the two juveniles, Chip and Chipua, are full of energy and are forever getting up to mischief. It is not unknown for them to be seen cavorting with the infants of other monkey species in the area, namely the sykes. Watching such scenes unfold in our garden is a regular pass time here at the Trust!


Luciana’s Troop used to number 8 before one of Chunga’s offspring was electrocuted two months ago when it was just a baby. Such examples of human-primate conflict are sadly common in the Diani area. The Adopt a Colobus programme is in place so that people can donate to the Trust, helping us to maintain, and keep improving, the work that we do. By donating, people can enjoy the benefits of an enriched knowledge of these magnificent animals through regular updates from the Trust while at the same time, supporting their plight. For more information, please visit


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  1. Brenton H
    Posted April 30, 2009 at 4:25 am | Permalink

    Looks a great sponsorship programme and what a privilege to have such superb primates in your backyard. Brenton

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